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Brainstorming Ideas for AP Art - Additional information here

Begin by writing down all subjects, themes, places, things, activities or issues that are personally relevant and that matter to you. The purpose of any artwork is to communicate a message – to comment or scream or sing about the world in which we find ourselves. If there is no emotion behind the work, there is no driving force –nothing to direct and shape your decision-making. Write down the things that you care about, that move you.

Breadth Portfolio Project Choices

1) Focus on repetition of shape or form
2) Extreme close up of an object to detail texture
3) Objects from an unusual angle
4) Choose a simplified angle or section of an object or scene to create an abstract work
5) Still life of a group of objects using a strong light source (lamp, window, flashlight)
6) Stilll life that tells a story
7) Still life of an uncommon group of objects that follow one of the principles of art
(harmony, unity, symmetry, rhythm etc.)
8) A still life of reflective surfaces
9) Still life showing unusual scale and or proportion
10) Portrait using dramatic lighting
11) Portrait using mixed media to tell a story or send a message about that person
12) Full body portrait in a setting with an unusual perspective
13) Full body self-portrait or other person
14) A highly emotional experience
15) Family or cultural experience
16) Political/ social statement
17) Person, animal, thing that was in motion but frozen in time and space
18) Extraordinary nature close-up or distant (plant, animal, tree, flowers or combination)
19) Mixed media landscape (outdoors or indoors) using unusual combination of objects
20) Mixed media (optional) of your own version of one of the seven deadly sins
21) Mixed media to create an image focusing on radial balance, symmetry, rhythm etc.
22) Mixed media of a social or political statement
23) Mixed media of an old master’s art work into a contemporary form or setting
24) Mixed media to create surrealism (something from your dreams or an unusual
arrangement of objects, scenery, people)

AP Studio Art - Concentration Development

AP Studio Art enables students to develop a focused body of work

  • A strong concentration is a body of related works that:

    • grows out of a coherent plan of action or investigation
    • is based on individual interest in a particular visual idea
    • is unified by an underlying idea that has visual and/or conceptual coherence
    • is focused on a process of investigation, growth, and discovery
    • shows the development of a visual language appropriate for the subject

  • Consider combining a concept or subject matter you are interested in exploring, with a material/ media that will both help you express the concept and that you enjoy working with and investigating, with an artistic style or approach
  • Complete the following steps to narrow down your concentration idea

Brainstorming Ideas for AP 2-D Design

  1. Begin by writing down all subjects, themes, places, things, activities or issues that are
    personally relevant and that matter to you.
  2. Narrow down topics that are unusual, challenging, controversial, gritty or inspiring: those that fill
    you with passion.
  3. Think carefully the topics you have written down. Eliminate those, which are ‘cheesy’ (i.e
    involving pink hearts and Brad Pitt), insincere (i.e. a theme of ‘World Peace’, when really this is
    something you couldn’t care less about) or overly “pretty” or lacking in substance (i.e. bunches of
  4. The ideal AP Art subject is one that you can physically return to, whenever you need – to draw,
    photograph or to experience firsthand. Eliminate those which do not meet this criteria.
  5. Next remove the topics for which the source material is excessively simple.
  6. Then eliminate those topics for which the source material lacks aesthetic appeal.
  7. The next topics to eliminate are those, which are common or over-done.
  8. Finally, ensure that the topic you choose is something that you really care about: something that can sustain your interest for a year.