Arts Advocacy
Updated 2017

Art is a high school core subject. One year of successful completion of a UC-approved Visual or Performing Arts course is required for admission to both UC and Cal State schools.

As you may know, when education funding is tight, arts programs are usually the first items to be cut from public schools. Because of budget limitations, there is always a possibility of the arts being reduced in public education. The links below list strong reasons why arts programs have a place in learning and in society. These documents also list strategies for promoting more arts programs with techniques for successful lobbying at your school district as well as the state level.

Many questions are often asked of arts teachers: Why is art important? What skills, knowledge and probem-solving techniques do you receive from an education that includes art? How can the arts support other core classes and promote a college ready environment?

You may research the links below to find out the answer to these and other questions you may have about the necessity of arts in education.


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