AP Art History Midterm Essay Questions
Due: October 17

Choose either Question 1 or 2.

  1. The early history of ancient art can in part be explained by the compelling need of artists to personify the forces of nature in mythology or in their belief in the god-like power wielded by kings and heads of state. Choose one art form (2-d pictorial, sculpture, architecture) and discuss how the important works of the ancient era represented either theme of myth or power. Compare works in two different cultures.

  2. Many artist’s throughout the ancient era tried to faithfully recreate the human form. Many artists would often choose to follow an idealistic path, representing humans as more than just human or as symbols. Some artists, on the other hand, chose to represent figures as they believed they appeared, in a more realistic way.  Discuss how humans were depicted throughout the ancient period and then compare one idealistic figure with one focussed on realism. Remember to cite details in your discussion.


Choose either Question 3 or 4.

  1. Discuss how mythology and philosophy conflates in two different Greek works of art. Identify and compare these works.

  2. Art had many specific functions during the ancient period. Explain the relationship between social status and artistic expression by using two examples.