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DA Gallery
Student Designers
  • HOMEWORK - Tuesdays
    • Week 1:
      • Design your own font style A-Z capital letters / numbers
    • Week 2:
      • Metaphoric Lettering Handout - Annotate / Summarize
      • Photography Photograph two letters that you created with objects
    • Week 3
      • Write out your manifesto then your Concrete Silhouette Manifesto
      • Packet: Text as Images / Manifestos
      • Photography: Three constructed letters photographed
    • Week 4
      • Digital Identity I
        • Sihouette Collage - Add 16+ text phrases inside silhouette
      • Constructed Letters: Three additional letters and photographed
      • Reading: First Four Essays - two elements / key ideas /
    • Week 5 - Journal Work
      • Torn Paper Text & Logo Collage / Digital Logo Text Collage
        • Create a silhouette and add many logos and textures to the shape / try to create form by using value
        • Rubric: Well made, consistent elements
        • Examples
      • Student Initials Torn Paper Collage: Examples
    • Week 6
      • Photography - B/W
        • Two photos: one of a person, one of their shadow (with negative space)
        • Two photos: one of the a building, one of a reflection in window of that building (with negative space)
    • Week 7

VA Gallery
Student Artists

  • HOMEWORK - Tuesdays || ADVANCED - Wednesdays
    • Week 2
      • Draw a coffee cup with handle in 4 POVs
      • Two photos: one of the coffee cup & one showing line
    • Week 3
        • Two object composition
        • Use a cup and an organic object such as a flower, plant, tree, etc.
      • 8 x 8 Radial Drawing / SumoPaint Symmetry Design
      • Photography
        • Still Life Composition arrange objects on a table
        • Rubric: in-focus, shows shadow
    • Week 4
        • Two full page still lifes
          • Use 3 or more objects sitting on a table
          • Drawing 1 use only line, detail
          • Drawing 2 uses line and value
      • 9 X 12 DRAWING Paper
        • Top: Shattered Cubist Drawing - overlapping two or more objects with shattered lines (8 or 10)
        • Bottom: Zen Doodle
          • Shape with detailed doodle inside (pos. / neg. space)
          • Video showing process
    • Week 5
    • Week 6
    • Week 7
      • Room with Large Object such as a Cell Phone - example
      • Perspective Barn Drawing here | add one or more objects or figures
      • Six close-ups of a wooden mannequin
      • Two Portraits: Full / 3/4 view / profile - skull image
      • NEW: Self Portraits - Full / 3/4 view / Profile
      • Four Panel Drawing example
      • One Hinged Figure examples
      • Final: Futurist Hinged Figure Painting
  • CONTESTS / News
    • Ryman Arts Application here
    • Power of Art Signal Box Contest

  • HOMEWORK - Thursdays
    • Weeks 1-4:
      • Read: First Eight Essays - annotate / summarize / apply
      • Digital Darkroom: Three photos indoors
        • Different Lighting Sources
      • Photo Manipulation: Photomontage / Photo Collage
        • Create a collage adding three or more elements
        • Rubric: well made / glued, elements looks integrated
      • Photo Beast I
        • 20 photos posted on Tumblr
        • Pick 5 categories / 4 images each
        • Choose five best works in Google Slides: share
      • Photo Beast II:
        • 5 interiors / 5 exteriors
        • Each work addresses one or more principles of art
        • Share with Google Slides
      • Photograph one object in five different evironments / situations
    • Week 5
      • Photography/Google Slides: Interpreting the Still Life
        • Design one personal vanitas, using objects at home
        • Take three strong photos of the vanitas
          • Show emphasis, figure ground, and space
          • B/W & Color
      • Journal: Genre Poster Photomontage I - Landscape Background
        • Create a photomontage using magazine elements
        • Add and remove two or more elements / including text
        • Rubric: well made, well cut, mounted on paper
      • Photography / Google Slides: Photo Beast III
        • Choose one category
        • Take five photos (Three Cs / principles)
        • Post in Google Slides
    • Week 6
      • Photo Beast IV:
        • Five Photos - a photojournalist story of an activity or action
        • Print out your best image from previous works
    • Week 7
      • Two Breadth Works
        • Digital Darkroom
        • Color / B&W


    • NATIONAL Art Honor Society (NAHS)
      • NAHS will meet every Friday at lunch
    • HONORS Sketchbook | Mondays lunch
      • Eight students will particpate in an advanced drawing club
    • ANIME Club
      • Thursdays after school
      • Collaborative Mural-Making and Figure Sculpture

Class of '14

      • Plan week
      • Pick up grade sheet
      • Journal work: Reflection / Predictions
      • Binders: Tracking Grades / Best Work
      • Journal work: Reflection / Prediction
      • Plan weekend: What is your homework? Review with partner
      • Advisory Survey here
    • ADVISORY Support
      • Find additional support here
      • Multiple Intelligences Quiz here
    • A-219 GARDEN CLUB
      • Designing pots / planting a future
BAUHAUS Media / Design Scholars  
This year, two students will be picked as recipients of these awards. The Bauhaus was a highly influential art movement and school in Germany during the 1920s. It represents a movement that blended techniques from the past with the new ideas presented to artists after WWI. The two media artists chosen will represent the abilities that blend both traditional and modern skills and scholarship. The past recipients are here.
Digital Art Pathway DIGITAL Arts Pathway  
Students may choose this art pathway beginning with their core Visual Art course during sophomore year and then follow up the next year with Digital Art, ending with college-level choices of Advanced Digital Art & Photo or AP 2-D in Digital Art & Photography. Students will receive a Digital Arts Certificate upon successful completion of this three year pathway. <brochure>

An important 20th century art school and movement.
More: I | II | III

BEAUTY and Art
What is beauty? Is it an ideal? Has beauty changed? Research ...
Articles: I | II | III
STEM plus Art together is poised to transform the 21st century.
More: I | II | III | IV | V
CENTER for MEDIA Literacy
Dedicated to promoting and supporting media literacy education. Learn more here.
ARTS Xtras
- PhotogrAphy Club website
- Arts Advocacy website

SUPPORT the DA Pathway
We need your support to improve our arts pathway to college. How you may help is here.

The mission of Ánimo Venice Charter High School is to prepare students for college, leadership, and life through innovative instruction, a rigorous curriculum, and the use of technology. At Ánimo Venice, we are committed to the education, and social and economic success of students who historically are unlikely to attend and excel at an institution of higher learning. We aim to achieve our mission by creating a student-centered environment that unifies the efforts of family, community, and school to foster life-long learning, cross-cultural competency, social responsibility, and academic excellence.

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